Press Clipping
duende libre Self Released

duende libre is a long walk through a new city, where the sights and colors of the Pacific Northwest mix passionately with the rhythm and soul of everywhere, creating an experience that is deeply striking and original.

The power trio led by Alex Chadsey (piano/keyboards/compositions) reflects the depth of Latin influences in Seattle, particularly the Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian with bossa and samba rhythms. Chadsey’s compositions are musically diverse, expressing a deep humility and revealing his quest for genuine musical connection. I found myself singing along to the vocal harmonies on “For the Rekkerd,” and was stopped momentarily in contemplation listening to the beautiful “Salif.”

A stroll down a back alley, the percussion reflecting the sounds of the busy streets fill “Michel” and “Rio Pescadores,” and with a few brush strokes Jeff “Bongo” Busch directs us from the cool blue Nordic-inspired jazz and warm chanting of “Forgotten well” to beautifully lyrical bass solos by Farko Dosumov. Dosumov departs to the funk outer-world in “Funkination” where 808’s and sub-bass combine modern urban pop and hip-hop elements, which set the stage for the R&B-forward “Razzle Dazzle.”

Chadsey, Dosumov, and Busch are Seattle music. Don’t miss this album.

– Edan Krolewicz