Press Clipping
Duende Libre's Seattle-Inspired Global Fusion

Blending the rhythms of Brazil, the Caribbean, Africa and Latin America into a groovy gumbo, Seattle's Duende Libre landed in the KNKX studios to celebrate with an exclusive performance of three songs from their new self-titled album live on 88.5.

The trio are well-traveled, keys player Alex Chadsey has spent time playing music in Mexico, drummer Jeff Busch lived in Brazil for a short spell, and bassist Farko Dosumov hails from the Central Asian country of Uzbekistan.

However, it's the experience with "world music" in Seattle that's inspired them the most. Chadsey points to his time with the Mexican musical community of the Seattle Fandango Project as well as his work with local reggae icon Clinton Fearon.

"Bongo" Busch says it's Northwest based musicians like Jovino Santos-Neto, Carlos Cascante and popular recent import from Spain, Marina Albero.

Though Dosumov does give some credit for his knowledge of odd time signatures to his Uzbek roots, he grew up playing American rock and only found his passion for global rhythms when he started working with groups in Seattle.

One thing is for sure, all the rhythms of the world come together in the grooviest way with Duende Libre, and are sure to get you moving to their beat.